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XON Episode 3 Description

First sum up the game it, the game is not big, but the picture is better, looked suddenly feel comfortable, this tour is mainly a mystery escape.

Just started in a red hemisphere house, there is a crystal sofa looks like a red sofa sofa, there are several holes, there are a few crystals, when filled with all the holes, you can sit like a flight Round cable car, from the side into the operation to explore their own, of course, the premise is to find crystal, there are two crystal, a blue, mainly to find it, there is a orange, do not know what the use of the ground casually See, blue crystal specifically has a lamppost stood, next to the birthplace there is a.

For some specific items in the middle of the screen there is a palm selected symbols, click to put, turn, open. Blue crystal possession of the place very good to find, to a lot of observation. Finished the crystal, back to the red house, inserted on the sofa, the cable car fell on the sofa, after the car, start.

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