[1.0.6] Witcheye Mod APK 2020 Hack Download

Witcheye APK 1.0.6(108 MB)

Witcheye APK + Arm64 1.0.6(107 MB) The game is installed via SAI.

Witcheye APK + Mod 1.0.6(107 MB)Full Game

Witcheye APK + Mod [2] 1.0.6(107 MB)Full Game

[1.0.6] Witcheye Mod APK Identity

About [1.0.6] Witcheye Mod APK

Witcheye apk is a very unique adventure game where players can constantly challenge higher game difficulty and complete a great adventure. You need to have a more precise grasp of the game in a simple game environment. Among them, to complete more challenges, the players will play into a very gentle witch, in which a series of strange things happen.

Witcheye is a big, colorful, old-school platform adventure with a unique touchscreen control system that gives unparalleled control over the hero. Swipe to move and touch to stop, bouncing off of enemies and dodging hazards in six vibrant worlds. Set off on an adventure as a mild-mannered witch who transforms into a flying eyeball of vengeance after a smarmy knight and wizard steal her spell ingredients. You’ll guide her through 50+ levels, each containing something completely unique: tricky new enemies, mysterious new environments, and puzzling new secrets. These elements are brought to life with colorful, clean pixel art and a lively, head-bobbing original soundtrack.

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