v.6.4.1 – Download Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod Apk 2021

Join the hot, fast-paced Stick Figure’s gunfight!

Fight against enemy Stickmen armed with various weapons, and claim the victory!
Buy new guns, customize them, learn new skills, and raise the level of the Perks to enhance your combat abilities!
Avoid enemy attacks through quick judgment and response, and defeat all enemies to win the battle!
Improve your Stickman and challenge harder difficulty!

Recent Update:
● Front Line Game Mode Added: Fight with your allies! Call the gunship and Armored vehicles! Capture all control points to victory!
● New 31 Weapons Added!
● New Perks: Specialist and Demolition
● New Skills: 4 Commando Skills and 4 Grenadier Skills!
● Weapon Upgrade System Added!

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike APK IDENTITY 

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v.6.4.0 – Download Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod Apk 2021 [47M]

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