v.2.0.2 – Download Naxeex Superhero Mod Apk 2021

The best super hero game where you can use the full arsenal of super powers from flying to telekinesis.
If you are into fighting games, you will appreciate this offline simulator. All super powers are available because you are an ultra-superhero – the only one hope of humanity.

Except for the precise and fluid control in this shooting game, there are plenty of real opportunities:
– Full freedom of your actions on the map: you can shoot, fly, climb, driving the car, fight with criminals
– The real 3d city with racing cars, pedestrians, skyscrapers
– Superpowers that can be improved: air flight, telekinesis, eye lasers shooting, superkick, rope and hooks
– The breathtaking main set of military quests and extra storylines with great awards
– Wide variety of soldier weapons
– Amazing costumes, capes and accessories just for the real gangsters
– Supercool racing cars, trucks, military tanks, helicopters which can be easily transformed into robots
– Abilities such as flying, shooting and telekinesis you will implement into fighting and making tactical decisions
– Low performance requirements and small application size
– Different districts of the town with their own fractions
– Smart foes, who are the real threat for a society
– Incredible physical abilities such as a super kick, eye laser shooting, climbing with the help of a rope and hooks to make your enemy run away from the city
– Unbelievable accuracy in using an entangling rope and a hook

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