v.1.43 – Download Dark Corridors 2 Mod Apk 2020

Experience a better polished graphics with sounds, and much more scary ghosts will freak you out!
There are more and upgraded story missions with each different characters.

No matter how tough you are, it will freaks you out when you playing with your earphone at night.
Start your race with your nimble fingers and use right items to finish your race.

▶ A running game mixed with stories together

You’ll find out the behind stories after completing every missions.
What’s the truth? Get over the extreme horror and find out the truth!

▶ Competing with your friends and see your rankings through the Facebook ranking dashboard and
Google leaderboard.

If you are scared to death, just keep running!

Dark Corridors 2 APK IDENTITY 

  • APK Name : Dark Corridors 2
  • Publisher : SEMS GAMES
  • Genre : Action
  • Mod : Mod
  • Size : 78M
  • Platforms : 4.1

Dark Corridors 2 MOD APK

1. Unlimited Blood
2. Unlimited Souls

~~ click on (+) beside blood, choose souls and buy with blood, you can get the same value of blood, buy as you want~~

Dark Corridors 2 PlayStore

v.1.42 – Download Dark Corridors 2 Mod Apk 2020 [78M]

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