v.2.0.4 – Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Mod Apk 2021

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter

In the far future, humanity has expanded and prosper over the galaxy. One day, a mysterious alien army from a different dimension appears and attacks the border planets. The fight for mankind survival begins. The first time since WWII (World War II – 1945), the Earth and Humankind have to face the danger of extinction. As a veteran spaceship striker pilot, you have been called to defend the galaxy against invader enemies, and become one of the guardians of the galaxy.

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter -Free Shooting Game is a combination of classic shoot ‘em up game feels and modernized mechanics. Some key features:

– A BROAD RANGE OF ENEMIES: From the lowly common soldier aliens, to the powerful Elites, and the humongous Bosses. Each has different looks and behaviors.
– MULTIPLE MODES: experience the mounting difficulty with unique challenges on the way. Continuously updated with new contents. Now there are CAMPAIGN, ENDLESS & HARD MODE. PvP mode is coming soon!
– UPGRADE & EVOLVE your spaceship to new form and gain new power & skills
– WIDE ARRAY OF SPACESHIPS AND DRONES to collect, each with unique skill and playstyle. Unlock LEGENDARY space shooter ships to get super power in your aircraft collection.
– MANY SEASONAL EVENTS with special unique rewards. Build your galaxy guardian squad to be strong and marvelous.

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter APK IDENTITY 

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter -Free shooting game MOD APK Info:

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Stars
Unlimited Improvement Cards

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