v.1.4.1 – Download X-Ray Mod Apk 2020

Become the best customs officer at the airport: check people and luggage.
Unlock new destinations to earn more money.

3 mini-games at your disposal:
-Tired of having to empty your suitcase at customs? You now have all the cards!
-Take control as the new customs officer for the city’s best airport. Everyone is trying to pass – but it’s up to you to ensure flight safety!
-Check the weight, color and destination of the suitcases before they board the plane!

Customize your character: ranks, glasses, beards, hats and suits!
Unlock new items while playing: scanner, destinations, coins chest..!


  • APK Name : X-Ray
  • Publisher : Webedia
  • Genre : Simulation
  • Mod : Mod Use of enough banknotes without reducing but increasing
  • Size : 53M
  • Platforms : 4.4

X-Ray PlayStore

v.1.4.0 – Download X-Ray Mod Apk 2020 [53M]

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