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Kongardion is a story about good and evil, the courage of the marvellous Guild, safeguarding the peace and tranquility of Algim, that generously brushed with the tastiest sauce of the greatest RPG traditions.

Joining the Guild you will get:
1. The most important mission of your life, more than one thousand creature’s fate depends on this.
2. Personal weapons (a sharp sword for the Warrior, a strong bow for an Archer, a machine gun for the Magician).
3. Well, or the staff.
4. Knowledge and recipes for creating your individual equipment and materials (advanced craft system).
5. Teleport-Stone, that allows you to return to the selected transit point or to the current point of your travel (very simple to use, even for a Warrior).
6. Access to the secret skills that enhance your specialization in the Guild (developing of your skills and abilities).
7. Priceless and ingenious experience: if you see the slab on the floor, put the stone on it. Unfortunately, stones are not issued by the Guild (a wide range of riddles and obstacles in the game).
8. The magnificent musical accompaniment at every level.
9. And anything else…

Kongardion APK IDENTITY 

  • APK Name : Kongardion
  • Publisher : Hardcore Games Studio
  • Genre : Role Playing
  • Mod : Mod
  • Size : 323M
  • Platforms : 5.0

Kongardion MOD APK

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v.0.2.0 – Download Kongardion Mod Apk 2020 [323M]

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