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Un Pas Fragile APK 1.0(43 MB)

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About [1.1] Un Pas Fragile Mod APK

Un Pas Fragile apk is an adventure game where the protagonist is a frog who dreams of becoming a ballerina. You have to follow his journey and help it solve the problems that are encountered during various trips. In the process you will meet and meet many new friends.

The game’s entire screen, including the background and characters, is made by dynamic hand-painting. It is very beautiful and eye-catching. Our protagonist is also very cute. You have to help it become a ballet dancer in the game.

Follow the journey of Camille, a frog who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer!

“Un Pas Fragile” is a short interactive experience. This narrative game is designed for all ages (no text) and features slices of life chaining in an unexpected way.

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