[10.0.10] uCraft Mod APK

uCraft APK 10.0.10(20 MB)

[10.0.10] uCraft Mod APK Identity

About [10.0.10] uCraft Mod APK

This is a fun work with a simple screen but more freedom than you can imagine. Players can collect various items in this wide world. These items are materials for making advanced tools. Players are constantly updating with new ones. When it comes to tools and houses, the transformation from the Stone Age to the Industrial Age is completed, and an extraordinary sense of achievement can be obtained in the process.

uCraft Full Version

uCraft is a 2D block building game where you can build anything you want. Explore, dig, farm, survive and just have fun. We are continually adding new features and functionalities. Join the uCraft community and help mold what will be an awesome survival game.

Note: If you are having trouble importing skins, make sure uCraft has permissions to access your photo library. You can do this on your device in settings/applications menu.

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