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Toca Life: Pets Description

Toca Life: Pets is a fun casual entertainment game. You can keep your own pet partner! You can pick the little pets you want to keep and bring it to any interesting place to play!

The game features a 2-D horizontal version, presented in a more colorful cartoon style. We’ll come to a pet town with 5 regions and pet stores where players can play pet doctors to look after wounded pets, Wash your dirty animals, picnicking, taking risks and more.

The game features a free-living experience that currently gives us five room scenes and we can have fun in our five rooms with pets. Each room inside the game has a different theme, which can greatly enhance the diversity of the game, so that players can also play according to the different room background to think about how to set the match with the character to experience the different rooms brought Different life fun.

Toca Life: Pets is a fully open, free-to-play entertainment game where we are the masters of this world and enjoy our daily carefree enjoyment.

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