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The background of the game is set in a mythological world in which man and God both lived in peace in this world, and the humanity is still full of reverence for the gods, and believes that the gods can protect humanity and then suddenly one day the awful Titan escaped from the prison Out, their power is very powerful, could have been used to protect humanity, but then obviously they stood the wrong camp. As soon as they escaped from prison, they desperately wanted to destroy the Earth, at a time when God could no longer stop them, just as many myths require the emergence of a hero in the human race to defeat Titan and save the entire human race Fate, and in the game, the player is the hero.

The Titan Quest porting game still looks great even now, even on a decade ago, with scenes across all three continents, whether it be the Greek temple or the Egyptian pyramid or the Chinese The Great Wall, but also show the customs of different regions and profound cultural heritage. “Titan Quest” portals retain all the original content, a vast open world, day / night cycle system, 30 different occupations, hundreds of character skills and more than a thousand kinds of equipment types. Titan Quest has enough volume to impress you in terms of gameplay, especially with the fast-paced hands-on rhythm of the current Titan Quest.

At the beginning of the game, the player appears outside a small town. At this time, the town’s residents are being attacked by the enemy. The horses raised by the residents are attacked by the enemy. The player needs to use their weapons to eliminate all these terrible enemies and wild boar , But also residents of a stable environment. Porting Edition for mobile devices designed a new interface and mode of operation, the game uses a combination of rocker and virtual buttons, the player through the left joystick can control the role of the movement, interaction, attack, skills and other buttons are arranged on the right. This setting quite satisfactory, the actual experience down more smoothly, but still inevitably exposed some problems. As the dialogue, pick and attack are using the same button, according to the player’s location and the current situation, the button will be replaced by the corresponding interactive state: close to the NPC into a dialogue option; near the enemy, into the attack button, near the off Fall items, then become a pick button. Normally it works, but there may be a problem. When you want to attack an enemy, picking and attacking can become quite confusing because of falling objects on the ground. There are still some problems with the system’s prioritization.

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