[1.0.4] They Need To Be Fed 3 Mod APK 2020

[1.0.4] They Need To Be Fed 3 Mod APK Identity

About [1.0.4] They Need To Be Fed 3 Mod APK

Sometimes, love is to make it happy, even if it is eaten by it

Players will enter the game in seven different colors of the world, where we will encounter many boxes, spheres and a variety of shapes of the platform, and these platforms have their own strong gravitational, which means that players need to use these Gravitation to control the little monster jumping back and forth between the platforms, but the little monster who is carrying a more important task is to collect all the diamonds within the scene, but it is not for their own, but used to feed the deepest The monster.

In this new work, we can clearly feel the game relative to the previous works although the same game but the details of the game is still a breakthrough, such as more hidden platform, cable agencies and a variety of scenes under the new guy. The game even has some organs sneak into the game play.

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