[1.0.9] The Ramen Sensei Mod APK

[1.0.9] The Ramen Sensei Mod APK Identity

About [1.0.9] The Ramen Sensei Mod APK

The Ramen Sensei Description

Ramen food dreamer – APKAward.com

By the extreme bowl rolled up the noodles whirlwind! The entrance of the pork, tune the taste of the eggs, large portions of the vegetables, a variety of top materials like how to increase how to add a pole to make a bowl for the target it We are proud of pr.n. Can be in the rich double-six mode of happiness in the sale of Oh.

And even equipped with friends together to let the customer atmosphere of the celebration mode!

Japan will be the captive of your ramen.

We take pride of ramen We participate in the theme park which we play against opponent or business face, and aim at Japan’s first ramen shop!

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