[1.1.1] Tasty Planet Forever Mod APK 2020

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Tasty Planet Forever Description

Tasty Planet Forever apk is a more addictive game. The protagonist is something that a group of crazy scientists have developed. It can not only eat everything in the world, but he can also eat the universe!

The lively game characters and the dark picture style make the game’s overall style more realistic and vivid. The game’s scene background is simple, the objects of various activities are vivid, and the game will take you from the perspective of the micro world to the perspective of the macro world. It is very novel and unique.

When you eat everything on the road, you will enjoy some master songs. Happy jazz will come back to accompany you to the world banquet. All kinds of wonderful music effects will surprise you. Who knows what it would be like to eat a ladybug? Have you ever thought about what would happen when you eat a small spaceship? Enter the game and you will soon know the answer.

Play as a small cat with an insatiable hunger. Grow bigger and bigger by eating everything in Paris. Eat rats, baguettes, people, cars, trees, buildings, and more!

When you’re finished dining on Paris, there are seven more worlds to eat:
-Consume the Caribbean as an angry octopus
-Save the savanna as a heroic rat
-Devour the city as a big eyed bee
-Reclaim the Pacific Ocean as a basking shark
-Eradicate invasive species as an experimental dingo
-Stop the humans as a peckish penguin
-Munch on Mars as a ball of grey goo

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