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About [2.0.1] Tap! Captain Star Mod APK

Tap! Captain Star apk is a fantasy-filled cosmic adventure game that works with the Star Captain to find dark creatures in the universe and save the universe.

This game will bring us into a sci-fi game world. What we have to do in this world is to constantly challenge. We want to eliminate all kinds of evil alien creatures. Our flying ships have One, and our enemies are many, very challenging, warriors, do you have the confidence to destroy these enemies?

Explore 88 constellations and defeat dark lifeforms for universal peace!

Featured in a Kyoto indie game festival, ‘BitSummit’!

From the far ends of the universe, emerge forms of darkness.
While the whole universe falls into fear and despair, a young hero rises from Earth. His name is Captain Star!

Take Captain Star and his crew to explore constellations and restore peace in the whole universe.

Tap-action filled space adventure clicker
● Explore in mysterious space.
● Take your own path to find all of 88 constellations.
● Tap-tap to upgrade Captain Star and special skills.
● Gather over 20 crew members and defeat the evil aliens
● Upgrade Starships to assist you in the space exploration.
● Warp to Earth when in trouble and resume your challenge.
● Power up with 36 Hyper Cores acquired after warps!

What lies beyond the edge of the universe?

Enjoy the mysterious space exploration with Captain Star.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PlayNANOO
Official Community : https://forum.playnanoo.com/captainstar

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