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Talking Tom Camp is a construction war game, so build and upgrade is definitely the main game. Here, in order to resist the invasion, you need to preemptively build an impregnable camp, such as sprinklers, towers and puddles.

In order to better develop and expand your own battle camp, you have to train a strong offensive team and continue to plunder other players’ supplies through the “raise by war” method, and on the broader battlefield. Exert yourself. Being backward means that you must be beaten, even if sometimes you want to show your camp well.-apkawarD.com

In the game, there are two ways to fetch water, one is a single-player battle, and you can constantly temper your skills in the plot mode. The other is the multiplayer online matching mode. You can spend 20 gold coins continuously to search for weak kittens and then break them one by one. Among them, after you have deployed all the teams in combat, you can also use the lighting flares to assemble the troops. Then the opponent’s defense system is targeted to break through, and then you are happy to move resources.

Talking Tom Camp is a good construction war game, whether it is the game’s picture, sound effects or gameplay, all aspects of performance are very good.

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