[1.7.2] SuperRetro16 Mod APK

[1.7.2] SuperRetro16 Mod APK Identity

About [1.7.2] SuperRetro16 Mod APK

SuperRetro16 Description

Reproduce the glory of the times – APKAward.com

★ Best game compatibility

★ Auto-detects games

★ Thousands of popular cheat codes!

★ Cloud syncing support for continuous play across devices

★ Visual effect shaders (CRT Simulator, High Quality 2x/3x, and more)

★ Excellent support for external controllers

★ Mouse support for selected games

★ Network multiplayer using WiFi or Bluetooth

★ Advanced layout editor for on-screen controls

★ In-game walkthrough/guide integration

★ Turbo mode to fast-forward games

★ Ultra-fast support for multiple chipsets

★ Support for many ROM and compressed file formats

★ Helpful and responsive customer service

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