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Space Armor 2 Description

Space Armor 2 This is a sci-fi third-person shooter that tells of the story of a member of the Earth’s Star Alliance team fighting aliens on alien planets. Bold use of open scenes, free to move the mode of operation, and selected the background story of science fiction theme, people can quickly integrate into them.

  Free movement is a feature of the game, players can freely explore the level, there may be encountered a variety of unexpected situations, such as siege, trap, trapped in a small space and so dangerous. At the same time also increased the playability and tension of the game, make the game more vivid.

The scene of the game is rich, abandoned base, barren desert, Arctic ice, etc. are all very unique. A wide range of weapons, modeling very technical range of children, the game full of BOSS courage, skill diversity, the need for a very good response.-apkaward.cOm

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