[1.2a1] Sorcery 4 Mod APK 2020 Hack Download

Sorcery 4 APK 1.2a1(31.5 MB)

Sorcery 4 OBB 1.2a1(405 MB)

OBB installation location -> /sdcard/Android/obb/com.inkle.sorcery4/main.11002.com.inkle.sorcery4.obb

[1.2a1] Sorcery 4 Mod APK Identity

About [1.2a1] Sorcery 4 Mod APK

Sorcery 4 is a strategy tower defense game. Players will arrive near the fortress of the evil witch, and then enter the mysterious place to complete the final mission strategy game.

Inkle’s development team revealed that they designed the Mampang fortress into a circular, rounded building with a strong outer wall, which was divided into multiple areas, each of which was your level of “crown of the king” With the barrier, you know, where the ancient and vicious magic and layers of guard is only part of the power to hinder your progress, there are more unknown enemies waiting, like the player to installation try it!

An open-world narrative adventure into a cursed Citadel of monsters, traps and magic. Fight weird creatures, cast powerful spells that shape the story, cheat death, and explore everywhere. Begin your journey here, or conclude your adventure from Part 3.

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