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Snowboard Party 2: World Tour Description

An exciting skiing game. In this long-awaited sequel, your adrenaline will surely be detonated. Experience the new time challenge contest mode and practice your greatest stunts in 21 unique locations.

Jump on your snowboard and improve skills, display super cool continuous stunts and impact the highest score! Play with your friends in online multiplayer mode or challenge the global skater using online leaderboards.

Complete over 150 level goals and achievements, gain experience and upgrade your attributes to make performance even more impressive and score higher.

The new generation of “Snowboard Party 2: World Tour” in addition to inheriting the advantages of multiple first generation games, but also adopted a new 3D graphics technology for a new generation of mobile devices have a better play experience. Game added a number of game modes to allow players to experience, such as time challenge, board vacated, U-tube mode, etc., as well as a large number of new actions, clothing, skateboarding, skin and so on.

In addition, the game also supports online interaction with other players, so you have a chance to meet more skiers. At present the game is on the line, such as like skiing but for a variety of reasons can not experience the players, may wish to installation to experience the game now.

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