[1.3] Slaughter 2: Prison Assault Mod APK 2020

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Slaughter 2: Prison Assault Description

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault is an exciting action game, players will be used as an isolated madman by various means to meet their own weird desires, high degree of freedom of the game, the use of a variety of weapons, vehicles to complete their adventure life.

As a mercenary, after a failed mission, he was held in a horrific prison. There are all kinds of murderous demon in this prison, the body that is covered by white cloth can be seen everywhere. When we were locked in this prison, we started the perverted game of killing and killing. Only with constant killing can we hope to escape this scary prison.

In this game, we start the killing journey in the ghastly jail with a first-person perspective. Ready together, continue to kill it! In this abnormal killer site, if we die without killing, we are ourselves, the law of the jungle.

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