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3D game screen plus excellent rendering effects, dynamic blur when thunder and lightning, the waves generated by the explosion rocking around the trees, the light colors of the sunset, the fighter planes in the clouds – into the game, the game The images and effects are still amazing.

With the times, not only the game’s screen. The game canceled the original set of three different properties of the aircraft to choose from, but with the upgrade system to allow players to strengthen their only one of the fighters. In the game, the enemy planes smashed by the player will drop the stars, and these stars will strengthen the body’s resources. The body parts to upgrade not only requires a large number of stars, but also requires players to wait for some time to complete the upgrade. Of course, like most current mobile games, players also have the option of using extra stars to cancel their waiting time.

As for the gameplay, apart from the rescue of the hostage elements (the fighters are close to the hostages and keep them close for some time, the hostages can be rescued). There are not many changes and the game scenes are very similar to the original ones. After all, just remake, it is understandable. The game’s operation is also controlled by the finger on the screen to control the automatic firing of fighters, and the game is unique in that when the player releases his finger, the fighter will enter the “bullet time”, everything will become extremely slow.-apkAwarD.com

The game has a total of eight levels, each level has four medals for players to challenge: 1. Destroy 70% of the enemy 2. Destroy all enemies 3. Rescued all the hostages 4. The whole has not been attacked.

With excellent picture effects swept through, to recapture the share of the classic, the game itself is still satisfactory.

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