[1.25] Skulls of the Shogun Mod APK

[1.25] Skulls of the Shogun Mod APK Identity

About [1.25] Skulls of the Shogun Mod APK

Skulls of the Shogun Description

The game is generally good, there are different arms cavalry, infantry, archers Han, cavalry range of activities, attack power in general, infantry defense high, you can form a wall to prevent repression and protect our fragile archers, Archer range far attack high, less blood.

Play the time can occupy the rice fields, as well as the temple, rice grain production can be in a special place to recruiting, and the temple can call a different monk in the enemy will kill the skull, eat their skull can return to the blood, eat 3 skulls can be turned! The Kaka! The By

To try to make one of their own soldiers to eat skull let it as soon as possible transfiguration, transfiguration will be more than once the action opportunities, believe in yourself, play guerrilla tactics, enemy into me back to the enemy to fight me, you can severely computer!

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