[1.0.5] Rusty Memory VIP :Survival Mod APK

[1.0.5] Rusty Memory VIP :Survival Mod APK Identity

About [1.0.5] Rusty Memory VIP :Survival Mod APK

Rusty Memory VIP :Survival Description

Rusty Memory VIP : Survival apk is a survival game in which the player wants to be a survivor of exile to the desert island, live here and find ways to get rescue.

One day, you suddenly woke up in a remote island. Lost my memory, there is only one mobile phone nearby, just when you are confused, I suddenly received an email… – APKAwarD.coM

The letter said that you have committed an unforgivable crime and was sentenced to life imprisonment, but the military feels that it is a waste of your own ability, so I decided to let you participate in an army top secret plan…

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