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The story of “Rusty Lake Paradise” takes place on an 18th-century island that, after the death of the protagonist’s mother, has been plagued with 10 plagues and players need to communicate with their family members, eventually Unlock this terrible curse.

These ten plagues came as a curse on the island of Paradise after the death of the man, Lord Jakob, whose ten plagues were ten levels of the game. The plague was more serious than ever, and the puzzles of the game became more and more complex. Rust Lake series of animals this also all debut, we want to search for clues among them to explore everything on the island to find the cause of the mother’s bizarre death and Paradise Island is the curse of the truth.

The style continues the previous weird horror, but the details of the development team on the screen can be said to have invested more energy.

Rusty Lake Paradise to join more decryption, so that players will not feel single. There are so many places to suspense the story, you may also need a few pieces of work in order to tell the whole story. Part puzzle solution requires the player to explore their own way, easy card.

Jakob, the oldest son of the Eilander family, is returning to Paradise island after his mother passed away. Since her mysterious death, the island seems to be cursed by the ten plagues. Find the mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the plagues.

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