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Roll the Ball – slide puzzle Description

Calling all maze and gridlock puzzle enthusiasts! ?

Roll the BallĀ® is a classic tile puzzle with a modern challenging twist. Move the sliding tiles to unblock a path for the steel ball to roll to the exit. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the ball roll smoothly through the connected tiles to the end.
Are you ready to roll? 

Roll the Ball – slide puzzle is a good game to kill time, a bit like a puzzle type. The player must move the puzzles in the picture to make each pipe in the correct position so that the ball can actually roll to the end position. Although the irritation is not as high as the above two paragraphs, but the process of playing can stimulate brainpower, in fact, it is also very enjoyable!

First of all, as a puzzle game, this game is not particularly difficult, and the gameplay is also relatively novel. It is a kind of Jiugongge sliding jigsaw puzzle that was used as a child. When you were a child, you didn’t know how happy and satisfied you were when you completed the puzzle. Of course, this game is not a puzzle, but it is the player who wants to move the board and make a way to get the iron ball to the finish line.

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