[1.0.2-b32] Radiation City Mod APK 2020

[1.0.2-b32] Radiation City Mod APK Identity

About [1.0.2-b32] Radiation City Mod APK

The Chernobyl incident can be said to be a disaster that can never be forgotten in the history of human civilization. On the one hand, it has caused almost permanent damage to the environment and has still not been suitable for mankind to live in that place. Plants also mutate because of the effects of radiation. On the other hand, they also remind people that nuclear energy is not completely safe anymore. For many game developers, Chernobyl has become a popular background for many game productions. Many game productions like to take their or similar places as the background of the game. Atypical Games, a developer who launched the game “Radiation Island,” launched another new production called Radiation City.

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