[1.38] Pocket Troops: Strategy RPG Mod APK 2020

[1.38] Pocket Troops: Strategy RPG Mod APK Identity

About [1.38] Pocket Troops: Strategy RPG Mod APK

When the player enters the first interface of the game, he sees seven people standing side by side with different weapons, and still smoking, feeling very real.

There are many kinds of soldiers in the game, including sniper mobile phone guns assault squadrons, and each soldier has its own specialties. The sniper has the farthest range with a sniper rifle, and the agility of the mobile phone is better. Scouts are better at hiding. It is especially important to cooperate with various soldiers in the game. It is necessary to give full play to their strengths and let them accomplish their tasks together. In the game, you can put six scouts in the front row and put the snipers in the interview for many times. This kind of cooperation is better.

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