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PEACH BLOOD apk is a casual mobile game that is similar to the devour game. You need to adapt to the game and don’t fall off the cliff. Try not to get in contact with large white blood cells to avoid being eaten. You should also eat small white blood cells. At the same time, you will encounter other things on the road. If you need it, you will get it in your pocket. If you don’t need it, try to avoid it. Overall, this is very magical and interesting. Xiao Bian still likes this game very much. The 3D character design is very interesting and there are various hidden props waiting for you to collect. Such a casual game is worthy of your collection.

Run away from the big Vembers and collect the little ones.
A wide variety of Vembers are waiting for you!

– Game features
* Collect endless Vembers and run away from the big Vembers.
* When you eat mushrooms, you get special abilities.
* Avoid obstacles such as ice, light bulb, etc.
* Collect coins.
* Each character is provided with an environment and more characters and themes will be added in the future.
* This game is easy to operate and easy to enjoy for many ages.