[1.2.2] Part Time UFO Mod APK 2020

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Part Time UFO Description

Players control the protagonist is a UFO, come to earth after doing nothing to his life to join the mighty temporaries, as an alien creature he has a seemingly useless special skills – scalable Big pliers, this special skills for his work but career has brought a lot of opportunities.

Archeology team to find him to restore a cumbersome ancient Greek architecture, and even colleges find him to help complete the difficult action cheerleading. Game scenes and differences beyond the imagination of the game, although the play is very simple, but derived from the variety of interesting changes still make people never tired.

When you get your job done, you get rewarded dollars based on the quality of the finishes, and you can use those bounties to add new equipment to your UFO. These items will usually affect your ability to work, but you can also buy some do not enhance their own strength of the dress.

Retro pixel style, fun and changeable soundtrack, as well as unlimited future updates, light casual, easy to play and addictive.

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