[1.7] Manoir Mod APK

Manoir apk is a new casual pixel game with a variety of different pixel styles. Players need to explore the haunted house and face different level challenges. Players need to carefully observe the environment of the entire room and use the clues left behind. The best way to clear customs.

[1] Hags Castle Mod APK

Hags Castle apk is a magical role-playing game. A world of dragons and magic shows the whole of the game to the players. There are treasures and traps here. The magnificent building palace and the dark underground cell are naturally lacking. What is the story behind all this? If you are interested, just explore it. Let’s go.

[0.3.7] Amethlion Mod APK

Amethlion apk is a pixel-style adventure game where players will continue to explore, create and survive in the world, discovering ancient secrets in this open world! An unexpected discovery will allow you to find clues, explore forgotten places, and uncover the mystery of the lost race in the process of fighting for survival.

[1.2.1] Tiny Thief Mod APK

Tiny Thief maintained a fresh and simple, clear lines of the screen style, background music is quite simple and light, but the theme is not as peaceful as the picture and music, describes a small thief, by various means, to steal Various types of target story.

[0.1.44] The Mooseman Mod APK

The Mooseman apk is a puzzle game. The world view is quiet and mysterious. In the game, you control a character like Elk. You can see all hidden objects that are invisible to the naked eye. You need to be in the upper three layers of the world. Adventures, but in fact, will not participate in the battle, but through mystery to understand the mystery of the Nordic myth.

[2.0b] Reed Mod APK

Reed apk is a retro pixel game. The game is played in the form of checkpoints. There are currently 50 child abuse levels waiting for you to challenge. Your goal is very clear in the game, that is, in all dangerous scenes, through your coquettish jumping skills, eventually get that rotating cube, and successfully reach the entrance of the next level to cross the border.

[1.35] The Walking Dead 2 Mod APK

Telltale finally released The Walking Dead 2 In this season, Lolita Clementine will become the protagonist and start a journey of survival alone in the world full of zombies. However, in the first quarter we have learned one of the most important topics: what are walking dead? Attack on human zombies? Or those indifferent people in the face of survival choices, in fact, not difficult to see that the game’s biggest enemy is not a zombie, but human nature under disaster, that is, human disasters.-apkawaRd.cOm

[1.0.1] Beat Cop Mod APK

Beat Cop apk is a retro pixel-style text adventure game where players need to act as patrol officers to deal with various events in the street, helping him slowly find clues that are framed.