[2.0b] Reed Mod APK

Reed apk is a retro pixel game. The game is played in the form of checkpoints. There are currently 50 child abuse levels waiting for you to challenge. Your goal is very clear in the game, that is, in all dangerous scenes, through your coquettish jumping skills, eventually get that rotating cube, and successfully reach the entrance of the next level to cross the border.

[1.35] The Walking Dead 2 Mod APK

Telltale finally released The Walking Dead 2 In this season, Lolita Clementine will become the protagonist and start a journey of survival alone in the world full of zombies. However, in the first quarter we have learned one of the most important topics: what are walking dead? Attack on human zombies? Or those indifferent people in the face of survival choices, in fact, not difficult to see that the game’s biggest enemy is not a zombie, but human nature under disaster, that is, human disasters.-apkawaRd.cOm

[1.0.1] Beat Cop Mod APK

Beat Cop apk is a retro pixel-style text adventure game where players need to act as patrol officers to deal with various events in the street, helping him slowly find clues that are framed.

[3.2] Angry Neighbor Mod APK

Awesome its like hello neighbor. but its harder but i did a trick so it was easier to beat. Just make him follow you in the garage and let him catch you then go to his house and close the garage door and find the keys and sledge hammer. – APKAward.com

[] The LEGO Movie Video Game Mod APK

The initial impression of the game is very simple and straightforward, in the main menu, players can see the game a total of 15 chapters, and the content of these 15 chapters corresponds to the movie itself. As a movie adaptation of the game, to move the plot intact can be described as a time-saving effort, but also a good thing to touch the light of the movie. For those who have seen the movie, this game can review the story; the original player has not seen the movie can be seen in the movie Fan children wonderful story.

[] LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes Mod APK

Although the fighting in the game because the characters in the form of Lego blocks show the lack of real flesh and blood, not the kind of blood splash effect, combat sound is only building blocks collapsed; it is this unique LEGO combat, but also very TA Unique charm. Will your Lego violent demolished into building blocks of wood, how a cool words too.

[1.56] Game of Thrones Mod APK

Your journey begins before the king’s mysterious death. Your every decision will determine the direction of the story! You will become a child or an aristocratic child of an illegitimate child? Do you believe in old faith or faith in seven gods?

[1.08.1] LEGO Jurassic World Mod APK

First of all from the game screen, the scene, the game adhere to the LEGO unique styling settings, although it seems there will be a little diaphragm should be, but this shape is its unique characteristics, how many childhood are And Lok has had contact, can once again in the game platform which is also a touch of touch. The game scene set not only reshape the film in the unforgettable plot and action scenes, and allows players in the story of the important scenes can also go to explore the island of Napal Island and Sauna vast land. Overall for the picture of the 3D sense of the array, the screen sense of super, I believe that can lead the players to appreciate some of the Jurassic Park “style.”