[1.8.2] Jelly Shift Mod APK

Jelly Shift apk is a very challenging game where players need to click on the shape of the screen to change the shape of the colored blocks, so that they can get high scores through obstacles of various shapes.

[1.26.2] Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari Mod APK

In the game you will become a full of adventure and hard-working spirit, known as the “hero on horseback” role – the cowboy. You will want to be at a high speed with a variety of wild animals from the top. When they are impressed by your style, you can take them back to your spaceship, a moving “sky zoo,” to show visitors from all over the world.

[2020.3.2] My Cafe: Recipes & Stories Mod APK

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories apk is a very interesting simulation game, the game screen is very beautiful, especially in the details. The delicious and fragrant coffee is created by you to create a first-class coffee and leisure place, and you can also get the joy of success. -apkAWARd.cOM

[1.9.21] Dot n Beat – Test your hand speed Mod APK

Dot n Beat – Test your hand speed apk is a music casual game. There are a lot of music tracks in the game that can challenge you. Players need to follow the rhythm of music here, constantly control your character to avoid obstacles, collect diamonds, play simple and fun, and hurry to challenge! Each level of unique style and design will open an unforgettable musical journey and challenging adventures.

[32.19.0] Dumb Ways Mod APK

The game will be in the original 21 different roles in series, into a game player reaction to the game. Players in the game a total of three turnovers, must be completed before the countdown to the corresponding operation.

[4.0.2] Exploding Kittens Mod APK

Exploding Kittens is a casual board game that requires a lot of brainpower. The gameplay is relatively simple. Players should try not to draw cards with bomb patterns as much as possible. Even if they are drawn, they must use various prop cards. Eliminate it!