[1.70] Princess Curse Mod APK

Princess Curse is an out-and-out puzzle game, gameplay style is more retro, the story is a witch took the princess and imprisoned her in an ancient castle above, knights need to step by step the mystery set by the witch Title, ultimately save the princess. But save the princess is not the only dog ​​blood Oh, the game also hides another ending, wondering Princess Curse is worth playing? Please join the number Jun into the world of witch it.

[1.0] There is no game Mod APK

There is no game is an alternative casual pass-through game with horizontal 2D graphics, pixelated gameplay and fun narration to create a very relaxed and funny game atmosphere. Very creative game.

[1.1.9] The Cave Mod APK

“The Cave” is a puzzle that looks a little weird but very attractive. There are 7 different characters in the game, each with different special abilities, but you can only choose up to three characters to carry forward . With the solution of the puzzle will gradually the plot story, revealing the history of each role, do you feel it with a sense of it.
The overall production of the game is very sophisticated, the picture is very refined, light rendering is great, coupled with unique sound effects and dialogue, people have a strong sense of substitution. Each character’s running and jumping action and sound effects have their own different, very much in line with their own characteristics, can be said to be very careful.
 The core gameplay is similar to Trinity puzzle game, the game has no concept of the protagonist, before the start of the game players can choose to accompany three companions into the cave. After the player has selected three game characters, he or she will be directed to drill down and switch between characters to take advantage of their different abilities to solve puzzles. For example, a knight can summon a guardian angel to protect him from flames and falls, and can stay underwater for long periods of time. Players can use any combination of characters to complete the game and different outcomes and scenes. For example knights can open the medieval castle and the puzzles inside.
 “The Cave” is a subtle trick to play in that the player is completely out of consciousness to complete the selection of three of the seven characters provided by the game for adventure, even more amazing is that different combinations of characters on the game The development and solution of the puzzle will have an impact, if you want to experience all the details of the game, then play at least 3 times or more, this alone will greatly enhance the playability of the game.
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In the game, you can flexibly use the characters’ abilities to some puzzles, such as the wearing of wall and knight’s shield of time and space warriors and the gemini souls. There are many ways to solve puzzles, but important items Out of date there are text prompts, will not let people can not find, and did not prompt too much lead to the loss of fun.Gathering the wall glow of the totem can collect plot story along the way, and sure enough, every role has a period of time before it.