[1.53] Morphite Mod APK 2020 Hack Download

Morphite APK 1.53(25 MB)

Morphite APK + Mod 1.53 (25 MB)Money/Free Crafting

Morphite OBB 1.53 (295 MB)

OBB installation location -> /sdcard/Android/obb/com.crescentmoongames.morphite/main.156.com.crescentmoongames.morphite.obb

[1.53] Morphite Mod APK Identity

About [1.53] Morphite Mod APK

Morphite is a planetary adventure game. The picture is in the shape of an angular bottom polygon. In the game, players can explore space and unknown planets, examine the future, and possibly fight alien creatures.

Each planet has different landscapes, as well as flora and fauna, and the biological information collected on each planet, so if you want to make yourself stronger, you can’t stop exploring.

If you are getting a black screen on loading, please reboot your device so it can load
the expansion file. If you are getting a black screen after landing on a planet,
turn off any Ad block apps you may have turned on.

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