[1.2] Mmm Fingers Mod APK

[1.2] Mmm Fingers Mod APK Identity

About [1.2] Mmm Fingers Mod APK

Mmm Fingers Description

Mmm Fingers apk is a game that speeds up the reaction. The operation is very simple. Just keep pointing the screen, then avoid the monsters and don’t let them “bite” you.

During the game, the finger should not leave the screen, or it will end in failure, and the screen will leave the “blood stain” of the finger being hurt by the monster. “Blood marks” will always exist, remind you that you have been hurt here! – apkAwarD.com

The speed of the game will be faster and faster, so the more you get to the back, the more you react, remember not to be too anxious, or you will easily hit the spiked monsters, but they will move, not static.

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