[4.6.1] Merge Dragons Mod APK

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Merge Dragons Description

Merge Dragons apk is a casual game. At first, it will get a dragon egg square. After continuous drag operation, more random squares will appear. After the merger of the same color squares, the appearance will change, and the terrain of the forest will change. New adventure zones may be discovered at any time.

The background of the game is set in the fantasy world where dragons and magic coexist. In this mysterious land, integration is an eternal truth. It means life! However, the appearance of the evil demon king has lost all life in this land. The only hope is the magical healing power of the Dragon. It can cure this land forever, and you, as the Savior, will take up this important task. By matching the statues of the goddesses, you unlock the checkpoints to complete various tasks and obtain each one. Resource rewards.-apKaward.cOm

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