[1.0.3] Lucid Dream Adventure 1-2-3 Mod APK 2020 Hack Download

Lucid Dream Adventure 1-2-3 APK 1.0.3(100 MB)

Lucid Dream Adventure 2 2.0.15(112 MB)

Lucid Dream Adventure 3 3.0.7(97 MB)

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About [1.0.3] Lucid Dream Adventure 1-2-3 Mod APK

The approximate story is that Lucy embarked on an adventure to save her mother. After the death of her father, her mother’s mood has been low, unhappy, and mentally serious. Lucy wants her mother to be happy, but Lucy She was physically disabled, so she could only be kept at home by her mother. Lucy yearned for the outside world. One day, Lucy flew out of the bedroom windowsill by kite. Since then, Lucy embarked on a journey of growth.

If you like mysterious adventure games and point and click games, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Lucid Dream Adventure is a free classic point and click, full of riddles, crazy plot twist and puzzle games. The story is filled with dark intrigue and symbolism of dream interpretation. This thriller will lead you through a vivid universe of the dream. Are you ready for the adventure game through the limbo of fate?

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