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About [1.3.12] Lost Journey Mod APK

A space exploration puzzle game. The game, lost the memory of the girl Daisy, is about to enter heaven, in the dying, the heavenly messenger “butterfly” lead her into the wonderful journey to find memories.

You can with her in the world can be turned to explore, to find a time to find memories of the trip. You need to go through a memory of the checkpoints, in the four seasons change in the shuttle, to regain the broken memories, in the parallel time to meet another one.

Here, you can find the organs to get rid of the shackles of gravity, or the use of parallel space in the props with the actual situation to build a road ahead, and more often, you need to subvert the whole world to find the answer. Here, you can arbitrarily break the law of space and time, even by controlling the time organs, to find the disappearance of memory, so what?

Come together in the mysterious time and space to find out what!

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