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The second line of lifeline will keep you in contact with Arica, a young girl who is on a vicious journey to revenge for her parents and save her missing brother for many years and eventually threatens all mankind The strength of a fight to death.

Your choice will help her all the way to deal with the fatal danger that keeps her alive and helps her succeed. Lifetime series of stories to show real-time mode, with Arica all the way forward, to complete the task.

After completing any of the finals, you can return to the section where the story has taken place, or fast forward through the chapters you have read. To see if you make a different choice, what will happen: will you lead Arica to go the right way? Or take a shortcut to get advantage?

Seemingly simple action that can have far-reaching effects. Arica’s story, and the fate of the world, is in your hands. Arica needs your help! And you will face a variety of results together.

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