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Lifeline: Silent Night APK 1.4(36.3 MB)

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About [1.4] Lifeline: Silent Night Mod APK

The content of the game from myth to life now into science fiction. This story takes place on the Christmas Eve, the science fiction colorful story into the game more to enhance the quality of the game.

The game is still continued before the text of the adventure of the game, the game set for the game than before to be more delicate, more abundant options. Players need to help Taylor in a strange planet on the smooth survival and think of ways to return to Earth.

He will be in a day and you live in real time. You should keep online when they appear, or catch up with their progress when you are free. You can directly in your Andrews equipment to contact Taylor and help him make a decision. Your choice determines your story.

Taylor is back in a suspenseful, new, real-time adventure for Android and Android Wear – Lifeline: Silent Night! Your choices shape the story as you play, and could mean life or death for one intrepid space explorer.

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