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Lifeline: Crisis Line Description

Lifeline: Crisis Line is a simple picture and horror horror environment puzzle game, the protagonist of the game caught in a huge crisis.

You need to rely on their own wisdom to help the protagonist to make the right choice, let him live? Choose which clues and suspects to track to try to catch the killer that may not belong to this world.

But be careful! In this real-time puzzle, your decision may mean that life and death of Alex! Like lifeline series of players do not miss this latest for Oh! Come and installation!

A dead lawyer, a mysterious green-eyed woman, stolen crystals with unexplained powers… and it’s only your first day on the job! You’re a HelpText volunteer, and the app has just paired you with Austin homicide detective Alex Esposito. Dive headfirst into a dangerous investigation as you help Alex untangle the bizarre circumstances of a recent murder.

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