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Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! Description

Holy Weapons! A Weapon Shop ?! In the game, players run their own weapons shop, players need to build weapons and sold to brave, and expand their business.

A game used to kill time is essential for the majority of gamers and housemates, perhaps the game does not have much gorgeous screen, maybe this game is not as exciting as masterpiece, but the game a little bit Will always pull the players keep playing. “Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop ?!” is such a sticky analogue business game that uses the well-known arcade gamer theme that motivates players to keep running and expanding their stores throughout the game.

This made the UI interface and character design reveals a thick cartoon style, and the game’s design concept, so fresh and relaxed style is to allow players to unknowingly spend an afternoon in this game. Players in this game will play a member of the potato world, different from those who adventure in various parts of the potato warriors, players need to do is manage their own weapons shop, in front of the soldiers to create the most appropriate weapons .

The inter-manufacturing arrangement is straightforward at the beginning of the game, and it will be where you hired potatoes to build your weapons, most of the time the game will be in this scene as well, and players will be able to make it even later through upgrades Pretty. This made for the scene also added the season of changes, the seasonal changes will be displayed through the window of the scenery, autumn leaves, winter snow, etc., looks very comfortable. In addition, impressions on the screen style should be more deeply impressed by the state of the potatoes, as well as the magic of shaking hand when making weapons.

Weapons of the opposite sex; Since the game’s purpose is to build weapons, then the shop to operate well, naturally need to sell weapons a better price, many players may find themselves in the beginning of the weapons may be made even the cost In fact, this is because of negligence lost a link before the production of weapons, players may wish to look at the bottom of the production table to see what weapons you are prepared for what type of potatoes and you will want to sell weapons where There is no such type of potatoes, because each type of potatoes required equipment properties and types are not the same. It is only by making the weapons that meet the demand that there is a broader market.

Understand the potato needs of the weapons, but also need to look at shop forging who are better at this regard, will be good at this area forgers in the right place, so as to maximize weapons to enhance the properties you need , The price given by potato warriors naturally high.

Constantly unlocking the types of weapons; the most sticky place in the management of the game lies in this, the game players in the beginning only to unlock the three basic weapons, and follow-up of the weapons to unlock, not to refining the general game With the automatic unlock. In this operation requires the player to allocate the reasonable time for potatoes to explore unknown places to find the appropriate material, then returned to the forging room to develop new weapons, and then the weapon will appear in the forging list. In addition to the weapons, exploration areas and other sections below the game require players to constantly explore to unlock it.-apkAwarD.com

Random events system; the game in the forging and store at any time may have random events, the player in the selection process can get or lose some money or property, the emergence of random event system so that the fun game greatly enhanced, The game always has to show something other than the screen will be more interesting Well.

It can be said that this place for many details, have a good performance, the other for example, the game joined the time system, players need to pay the wages of forging workers on time, it is conceivable that after the expansion of the storefront and personnel, players need Manage resources more quickly and keep any available resources free.

A suitable for relaxing, grinding time games, the game contains a small system is very rich and interesting, forging weapons game theme also allows game fans have a considerable sense of substitution, interesting and sticky.

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