[1.0.6] Hero Evolution2 : SP Mod APK 2020 Hack Download

Hero Evolution2 : SP APK 1.0.6(62 MB)

[1.0.6] Hero Evolution2 : SP Mod APK Identity

About [1.0.6] Hero Evolution2 : SP Mod APK

Hero Evolution2 : SP apk is an adventure game in which the player plays the Sailor Moon. You can choose your own team comrades to fight. You can summon the combat ambassador to fight for you and make your team stronger.

The game creates a brand new pure MOBA world, offering a large selection of heroes, complete supporting equipment, etc., as well as a free choice. Instantly enter the battle, exquisite pictures, smooth movements, showing in front of is a complex and deep competitive game. You may be a strong tank to charge.

Hero Evolution’s second story : Defense Evolution!!!

[ SP Version Special ]
1. Activated 2x speed function (value of $30).
2. Significantly expand built-in points!
: 200,000 Gold / 200,000 Meat / 3,000 Ruby / 2,000 Stones

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