[1.0.26] Great Little War Game 2 Mod APK

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Great Little War Game 2 Description

Fantastic Game! A mini war game – APKAward.com

Each unit of combat effectiveness to follow the arms of the principle of grams, not the most expensive is the strongest, the cost of producing soldiers need to occupy the resources of the building can be obtained, with more resources you can get more troops.

The game’s combat platform is also very wide, land, sea and air are the places where you fight. The control of the unit is also a full range, including ordinary infantry, tanks, armored vehicles, warships and armed helicopters and other units, you can freely with the most powerful combination of combat.

Compared with the first generation of works, the game uses a vertical screen display, making one hand into the war is also no problem. In addition, there are screen details, the game round of the rhythm adjustment and many other mobile phone game for the improvement. More details, come experience it

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