[1.1.6] Ghost Toasters – Regular Show Mod APK 2020

[1.1.6] Ghost Toasters – Regular Show Mod APK Identity

About [1.1.6] Ghost Toasters – Regular Show Mod APK

Ghost Toasters – Regular Show Description

Ghost Toasters: Regular Show is a 2D flat break shooting game. The operation of the game is quite new, the lower left corner of the screen, there is a blue touch area, in the region to touch the left and right sides can control the role of the left and right movement, the lower right corner there is a red and blue touch area, click to control the role Shooting and jumping.

Every time you pass through the portal in the game, you can choose to switch to another character. The game in the small checkpoints are used star rating mechanism, the player by killing the ghost and through the portal to improve their own evaluation. Countless little devils rage the world, pick up your high-tech weapons, with them in the end it!

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