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Gemini Description

Although there is no text to express the inside of the emotions, but see the last will be tears At the beginning, you have to follow the ball, that the ball is a cumbersome.

And to the back, you hit the meteorite, it does not matter, the ball hit the meteorite, you have to save it up. But to the back is not the same, and met a small star to go, your goal is too large, easy to be hit, every time she pull you from the ground up.

As a result, until the last glance in the past, absolutely impossible to break through the meteorite group, coma in the past. That she brought you up and gave you the power of infinity. Seeing that’s going to reach the target, she’s gone. The The

You have a goal, around, there is a shadow of the ball. But that is just illusory, do you really win?

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