[] LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes Mod APK

Although the fighting in the game because the characters in the form of Lego blocks show the lack of real flesh and blood, not the kind of blood splash effect, combat sound is only building blocks collapsed; it is this unique LEGO combat, but also very TA Unique charm. Will your Lego violent demolished into building blocks of wood, how a cool words too.

[1.56] Game of Thrones Mod APK

Your journey begins before the king’s mysterious death. Your every decision will determine the direction of the story! You will become a child or an aristocratic child of an illegitimate child? Do you believe in old faith or faith in seven gods?

[] LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Mod APK

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, the world of Harry Potter, all in the form of LEGO bricks, combined with 3D images, reinterpreted to the user. Looked at those familiar characters and scenes, all of them have become the way Lego bricks, I feel very interesting.

[1.08.1] LEGO Jurassic World Mod APK

First of all from the game screen, the scene, the game adhere to the LEGO unique styling settings, although it seems there will be a little diaphragm should be, but this shape is its unique characteristics, how many childhood are And Lok has had contact, can once again in the game platform which is also a touch of touch. The game scene set not only reshape the film in the unforgettable plot and action scenes, and allows players in the story of the important scenes can also go to explore the island of Napal Island and Sauna vast land. Overall for the picture of the 3D sense of the array, the screen sense of super, I believe that can lead the players to appreciate some of the Jurassic Park “style.”

[1.0.0] Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Mod APK

A dying man, two sons, they do everything possible to cure the dying father, but placed in front of them only one choice they must start a journey of adventure, find and bring back the legend of the “water of life” In the journey, they must cooperate with each other to survive a person fragile, another person must be strong; a person afraid, another person must be brave, they must … … brothers together.

[1.6.1] Zeldania Mod APK

Zeldania APK is a classic RPG adventure game. The player will play a great knight lord, you need to explore the mysterious unknown map, find the truth hidden behind, fight the evil copy map, defeat the demon and the behemoth!

[1.0.6] Return to Grisly Manor Mod APK

Return to Grisly Manor apk is a puzzle puzzle game. In the game, greedy developers want to build their next chain superstore on the refurbished mysterious manor, which is naturally not allowed. In order to prevent the merchant from demolishing, Grandpa must prove that he owns the land, in order to do this. One point, the player must fix the time machine back to the manor’s past and save the future of the manor. – APKaward.cOm