[1.8.4] Freedom Mod APK

[1.8.4] Freedom Mod APK Identity

About [1.8.4] Freedom Mod APK

Freedom Description

Not in the envy of Apple’s free purchase artifact, and Android has finally appeared, the name is freedom, not hurry to try!

How to use it: – Andrews need ROOT and install the Google Play Market (no Google service framework will flash)

– open the software, allow root and wait to brush out the list (this step may take a long time, even more than 1 minute, please be patient)

– from the list to start the program, congratulations, you can already use the purchase (or in the menu bar click Start, you can enter any program on the desktop) other

– can be played with the patch on the Play market, ChelpuS do check-free market mix.

– If you want to uninstall the use of the menu in the software, click STOP, and then uninstall, or will only reload freedom and can not use the play market

– all the consequences of using this program by your own commitment, the software only for testing, please support genuine.

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